Customer service manager position responsibilities:
  • 1, responsible for the customer service department of the daily management and operations, reporting to the general manager;
  • 2, formulate and improve customer service management system, standardize and improve the job responsibilities, optimize customer service process;
  • 3, pre service department, purchasing department's training and assessment, control the quality of customer service;
  • 4, coordination and handling of customer complaints and suggestions, and customer communication and negotiation;
  • 5, improve the customer needs analysis, development feasibility plan to improve customer satisfaction;
  • 6, coordination of the relationship between the Department and other departments of the company;
  • 7, maintain the company's good public relations, establish a good service image.
Job requirements:
  • 1, college degree or above, marketing, public relations and other related professional priority;
  • 3, 2 years of customer service management experience, proficient in customer service system management processes;
  • 3, high sense of responsibility and customer service consciousness, strong affinity, have patience;
  • 4, a strong organization, planning, control, coordination and interpersonal skills, strain capacity;
  • 5, good coordination and communication skills, strong sense of teamwork;
  • 6, fluent English communication with customers, a Internet Co working experience is preferred;
Technical director job duties:
  • 1, responsible for the company's external web site and business support system development and maintenance;
  • 2. Responsible for technical training to team members, and provide technical support in the development process;
  • 3, responsible for the relevant system user needs analysis, architecture design and development process;
  • 4, responsible for the management of the development team, control the development progress, ensure the development quality;
  • 1, computer related professional, bachelor degree or above;
  • 2, proficient in PHP web site development, four years experience in B/S Web software development, more than two years project management experience;
  • 3, have rich experience in the development of B/S multilayer structure;
  • 4, proficient in the use of Mysql, the database is optimized to have a wealth of experience;
  • 5, clear thinking, work standards, good communication skills, good user needs analysis;
  • 6, strong teamwork spirit and responsibility, can manage the development team and control the development process.
  • Salary + bonus + option. Based on the ability and willingness to give the right.
Customer service coordinator position requirements:
  • 1, good oral expression ability, quick thinking, active personality, strong affinity;
  • 2, good language organization ability, communication and coordination ability;
  • 3, standard Mandarin; work with patience, careful;
  • 4, sweet voice;
  • 5, have a certain English reading ability;
Job responsibilities:
  • 1, with overseas customers through phone, email, online instant communication to solve the pre-sale and after-sale questions;
  • 2, record and analyze the customer data, data oriented, customer experience improvement suggestions;
  • 3, cross department work communication and coordination;
Procurement specialist duties and requirements:
  • 1, love online shopping, like the internet;
  • 2, responsible for Taobao, Dangdang and other sites for customers to buy goods, and to do a good job inventory confirmation;
  • 3, good at communication and coordination with the seller, do things well organized, strong pressure;
  • 4, can be a simple English reading better;
  • 5, college degree or above;
  • Basic salary + commission + Lunch allowance + housing allowance + comprehensive insurance; local household registration pay insurance six gold; every year not less than 13 months' salary;
Php program coordinator position description:
  • 1 standards, standards, and strictly for project development;
  • 2 independent working ability and team work ability, complete performance index;
  • 3 be good at learning and understand the new technology, and put into practice in the project;
  • 4 familiar with the project evaluation, planning, development, testing, maintenance of the whole process;
  • 5 be good at finding solutions to technical difficulties, overcome technical bottlenecks;
  • 6 coordinate with the front page designers to complete the integration of the project.
Job requirements: use the following techniques:
  • 1, PHP
  • 2, MySQL
  • 3, Ajax
  • 4, JavaScript
  • 5, HTML, DHTML
  • 6, more than one year working experience;
  • 7, professional computer and other related professional graduates;
Position description of warehouse manager:
  • According to the requirements of bag merchandise, packaging, bonded logistics documents; relevant documents, reports the collation and archiving; parcel data entry; commodity storage management;
  • 1, flexible and fast, have patience, can bear hardships and stand hard work, good health;
  • 2, master the basic computer operation, such as send and receive e-mail, processing EXCEL form, and can work independently;
  • 3, technical secondary school or high school education, with 1 years (or more) of the product manual packaging, packaging work experience;
  • 4, age between 20-38 years old, sex is not limited;
  • 5, have good quality and team cooperation consciousness;
  • 6, Shanghai household registration priority, home to live nearby is preferred;
  • 7, higher than the industry standard salary and benefits;
Tally specialist:
  • Check the order of goods information (specifications, color, durability, etc.), check the quality of the goods, inventory goods;
  • 1, agile and efficient, very careful attitude to work, strong sense of responsibility and patience;
  • 2, more skilled Internet operation, OFFICE operation;
  • 3, be able to adapt to the possible overtime;
  • 4, female priority, Shanghai household registration priority, who lives near the priority;
  • 5, high school or technical secondary school or above;